is rbldnsd no longer distributed in CentOS?

Rob McEwen
Tue Nov 19 05:32:15 CET 2019

Is rbldnsd no longer distributed in CentOS? If I recall correctly, I was 
able to run a test where I got it running on CentOS several months ago - 
using the standard "yum -y install rbldnsd" command - but then I spun up 
a CentOS system today and rbldnsd is no longer in the distribution. I 
got the same "No package rbldnsd available." error when trying this for 
CentOS 6, 7, and 8.

Running "yum -y update" - (/which I think is equivalent to running both 
"apt-get update" AND "//apt-get //upgrade" on Debian?/) - didn't help. 
It is simply not in the CentOS distribution anymore.  I was able to 
download the source code and compile it from GitHub - but that isn't a 
substitute for all the things that a full Yum installation does (such as 
installing dependencies and other service files, etc).

Any suggestions?

Rob McEwen, invaluement

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