FW: closest match algorithm in play?

Randall Diffenderfer rdiffenderfer@proofpoint.com
Mon Mar 4 21:47:13 CET 2019

a little more experimentation...

the below isn't quite correct.  it actually produces desired results.  it doesn't if the datasets are separated in the combined zone.


$DATASET ip4trie:test test :

... other stuff...

$DATASET ip4trie:test test :

now i do match "both" of these dataset entries.

bottom line seems to be that unlike a dataset should be a self contained zone, unlike the command line where we can add any number of files to build up a zone

On 3/4/19, 12:19, "Randall Diffenderfer" <rdiffenderfer@proofpoint.com> wrote:

    i get multiple records from a query where i have zones that overlap.  somehow i had gotten the impression that "best match" was in play?  is that not the case?  how do i achieve a "sieve" effect here?
    in a combined dataset:
    rbldnsd example.com:combined:test.zone
    $DATASET ip4trie:test test : :
    given a query "", i'd expect to see ""
    given a query "", i'd expect to see "", but i get both records back.  huh?
    admittedly, it does match both zones, but i really just want the more "exact" match.

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